Roundelay: Archive

The Archive highlights significant documents relating to Roundelay which are held in Archive by either Alan Ayckbourn, the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York or The Bob Watson Archive at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. All material is copyright protected and should not be reproduced.

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Early behind-the-scenes notes for what was then called Order Of Appearance - and previously I.O.U. - with brief notes on each of the five plays and a description noting: '5 stories all interconnected to be told in any order depending on the night.' (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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Alan Ayckbourn's sketch for the layout of Roundelay in one of its earlier drafts. Here the set is a composite set, which did not carry through to the final play where a fixed number of props were used for each play and re-arranged to suit the setting of each play. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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A sketch by Alan Ayckbourn illustrating how the five 'Roundelay' plays are interconnected. This is for an earlier concept of the play as several characters are mentioned that would be excised by the final script. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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There exists in archive a complete manuscript for Order Of Appearance, which contains substantive differences to Roundelay. This can be seen in the cast list, which not only features all the characters in the final play but also several which were cut during alterations to the play (see Behind The Scenes). (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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